Octopus 4 - New Album

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Octopus 4

Charles Uzzell Edwards


where ?

Up in the mountainous region North of San Francisco is a place called Chill Valley. There is an artificial Intelligence called the 'Octopus' there, swimming in the deep waters of the imagination . It has been formulating ideas taken from the world of the deep unconscious , treading the thin 3D surface tension between ambient-noise , fat chunky beats and labyrinthine rhythmic overlays , spanning the sonic spectrum of environmental music composition and expressionistic chaotic information retrieval.

what ?

Some of the various themes of this, the fourth in the Octopus triptych are as follows...
Life, Modernisation, Echoes, Work, African Rhythms, Brazilian Dystopia, Tron, 1960’s psychedelia, Bass frequencies, Inner City transportation systems, and our own Houses, set to repetitive distorted beats and haunting ambient environmental sequencing set in a tangy bouillabaisse of deconstructed chaotic information...


A message from the creator of the 'Octopus' Mr Charles Uzzell Edwards....  The main idea of this epic project is to present music that contains so much information in many diverse forms so that it all becomes one cohesive entity with an intelligence of its own . It is hoped that this music will communicate many ideas to the listener through the wonders of the collective unconscious that we all share in common. 
Its like having all of the information in the world channeled through your brain in the time it takes to say om. (plus, you can dance to it)


The first 3 Octopus releases were released on German FAX +49-69/450464 record label. Octopus 4 was recorded between 1997 and 1999 just before the turn of the century. I finally got round to mixing it all down. Amazing what a bit of 2020 isolation can do.


It's a big weird wonderful world , so be yourself.
Here is the soundtrack to your craziest, most satisfying dreams.

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