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I have been editing mixes from THE GARDENING CLUB a party we used to run in San Francisco

The Gardening Club - San Francisco is 25 years old. It was dreamed up by Charles Uzzell Edwards and Darkhorse as an electronic hydroponic environment, an epic Monday night chill out club in San Francisco, and it cost $2 to get in.

It was a dark jungle utopia to relax in after a long weekend clubbing , where you could sit in the Doobie Brothers old DC airplane, relax and smoke herbal jazz cigarettes. It was part of the DV8 nightclub, a place made famous for having its entire interior painted by Keith Haring (on speed) . His artwork has since mysteriously disappeared and is probably sitting in a drug barons den somewhere today.

Guest DJ’s were asked to play music they would play to friends while chilling at home on a Sunday morning. Guests included Derrick Carter, Robbie Hardkiss, Eddie Richards, DB, Patrick Pulsinger, Dr Motte, Thomas, Jenö, Markie, Mark Farina, Pete Namlook and many more.


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