Vivien Leigh - Gone with the wind

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100 x 100 x 3.5 cm

stencil spray paint on canvas 

Signed on verso

The premium quality stretched canvas is made from 100% cotton, and is acid free .

It has a natural white coating and is triple primed, with a weight of 380gsm. It's specially primed to protect the natural fires of the cotton, from thin paint washes to thick impasto marks to stencil spray paint to oily KRINK tags.

The canvas is stretched over a sturdy firwood frame. It comes with a ‘drip and blob’ tear set that makes for stunning wall displays.


“A Pittsburgh civil rights group told producer David Selznick that Mitchell’s book ‘Gone with the Wind’ was “a glorification of the old rotten system of slavery, propaganda for race-hatreds and bigotry, and incitement of lynching.” And a black newspaper in Los Angeles directly connected the film to the contemporaneous racial hatred happening in Nazi Germany with the headline, “Hollywood Goes Hitler One Better.”

This type of pushback did, in fact, encourage Selznick to soft-peddle some of the book’s racism. He eliminated the n-word from the film’s dialogue, removed explicit reference to the Klan and replaced Scarlett’s black attacker with a white man and a black accomplice. But Selznick was mostly interested in avoiding controversy, not challenging white supremacy.