when I dream, I dream of Marilyn - drawing on screenprint green machine

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This is a one colour screenprint (background) with hair and face handpainted and drawn and  handfinished they are attacked with stencil spray paint and freehand tags using KRINK , POSCA and various drippy Ink mops.

Each one is an unique piece made by Pure Evil.

330gsm Fedrigoni paper

70 x 85cm 

Marilyn Monroe had a disturbing dream in 1955. She recollects in fragmented sentences how her psychoanalyst and her acting teacher had her in an operation room, and started to open her up like surgeons. “They cut me open … and there is absolutely nothing there – Strasberg is deeply disappointed but even more – academically amazed that he had made such a mistake. He thought there was going to be so much – more than he had ever dreamed possible in almost anyone but instead there was absolutely nothing – devoid of every human living feeling thing – the only thing that came out was so finely cut sawdust – like out of a ragged ann doll.” To Marilyn, the conclusion her psychoanalyst reached in the dream was obvious: “The patient (pupil – or student – I started to write) existing of complete emptiness.”