Mushroom Pizza - The Dragon Bar Bunnies 2 for 1

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These are KRINK Tags on pizza boxes ....

This is a dicktip.. Each one measures —-32cm x 32cm x 5cm in diameter 

Each one is different, this is an edition of 5 pizza boxes ordered at The Dragon Bar book launch..

The Pizza’s were YUM


I got my AI to do a bio for me :

Pure Evil, a pseudonym adopted by the enigmatic artist Charles Uzzell-Edwards, is a British contemporary artist known for his provocative and visually striking works. Renowned for his unique take on street art, Pure Evil's creations often blend vibrant colors with dark, poignant themes, creating a juxtaposition that captivates viewers. With a background in graffiti and a rebellious spirit, Pure Evil's art has gained international recognition, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene.