Barmy LSD Army / Modernised - NEW 7" COLOURED VINYL from PURE EVIL

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Limited edition 7" vinyl, edition of 200 (100 blood red/100 black)

Charles Uzzell Edwards aka Octopus aka Pure Evil

who ?

There is an artificial Intelligence called the 'Octopus’ somewhere out there, swimming in the deep waters of the imagination . It has been formulating ideas taken from the world of the deep unconscious , treading the thin 3D surface tension between ambient-noise , fat chunky beats and labyrinthine rhythmic overlays , spanning the sonic spectrum of environmental music composition and expressionistic chaotic information retrieval.

what ?

Modernisation, Echoes, Work, Psychedelia, Bass frequencies, set to repetitive distorted beats and haunting ambient
environmental sequencing set in a tangy bouillabaisse of deconstructed chaotic information...


The main idea of this music is to present music that contains so much information in so many diverse forms so that it all becomes one cohesive entity with an intelligence of its own . A murky sonic puddle teeming with various organisms.


The first 3 Octopus releases were released on German FAX +49-69/450464 record label. Octopus 4 was recorded between 1997 and 1999 just before the turn of the century . On this fine recording one of these 2 Octopus tracks is from the 1990’s and one of these is from the 2020’s, you can decide which you think is which. Time is an illusion, Tea-Time doubly so.



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