Miss You - The Cameron Twins

Miss You - The Cameron Twins

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Screen print framed with neon mount

60cm x 80cm in frame

 £300 print £450 framed

The Cameron Twins are a collaborative artist duo of identical twins who work together in a range of different media including screen print, digital montage, photography, casting, sculpture and installation .Their work has an overall strong and garish style using an oversaturated bright colour palette to create a surreal quality. The vivid colours and child-like naïve aesthetic with chaotic ensembles of images allows them to work playfully, exploring the ideas surrounding childhood imagination and dreams within their art practice.

These montages and prints incorporate old paintings, photographs, notes and drawings collected from their own childhood belongings. The process of using these then acts as a visual conduit to their past and childhood memories. They draw upon a shared sense of nostalgia which is then expressed through their practice, suggesting they are also collaborating with their past selves.

The print process is a very important element of the Cameron Twins’ practice, as it allows them to explore the idea of repetition, doubling and mirroring, which relates directly to their personal experience as twins, and the process can create a strange unsettling quality.
Hand pulling their own screens is a key part of their practice, and the outcomes can be unique, imperfect and uncontrollable, which is an added quality in their work creating a fun, child-like and often primitive characteristic.

Printing by hand can in itself be a playful process, and the challenges of printing in multiple layers, different materials or sizes and then the addition of stencilling allows them to compose new, complex compositions and images.

The Cameron Twins’ practice incorporates many familiar, recognisable, fun images and pop-culture references from childhood, such as Barbie, Trolls and My Little Pony . 'We enjoy using this popular imagery in our sculptures and prints as they add a playful and witty quality to the work and adds to the connectivity of our art across ages and social confines whilst still remaining personal and anecdotal’. The often familiar subject matter and the bright and juvenile colour palette used in the work can create a misleading cheerful aesthetic which then juxtaposes with the more sinister tones and darker imagery often revealed under closer inspection.

The artists want the viewer to question the effect of nostalgia on their own memories and past experiences, and to scratch away at what might, or might not, lie just beneath the surface.

Their vibrant sculptural practice involves creating casts of old, discarded toys and childhood treasures and strong pop-culture imagery to create new ‘toy forms’. Again, these sculptures start to merge childhood memories and familiar objects in an unsettling way whilst remaining visually playful. They have an overall bright and balloon-like appeal and a happy aesthetic, and they are a key element of the installation work, adding to the surreal quality and immersive experience of the Cameron Twins’ work within the exhibition space.