Marina Fages Mama Perro Black (Dogmother)

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29 x 21 cm

gouache on paper

Marina Fages is a disturbing, experimental artist, faithful to her creative impulses. Singer, composer, muralist and visual artist, she mutates her style with each new project. Fages is the owner of her own artistic pulse, where her experimental desire stands out and the ease she has to go from one format to another with two well-marked facets: the terrible and the tender.
Growing up in Tierra del Fuego, southern Argentina, was the elemental fuel for the howling guitars, the vibrant colors, voices and flutes that resemble the incessant wind of Patagonia in her compositions and murals.

About Marina Fages’s visual art
Natural cycles of destruction and regeneration on a large scale. Man, animal, fire or water can destroy and create at the same time, acting in a wild and tender way. The transformation is reflected in food: the animal hunts to eat, humanity destroys to produce, waste, nutrition is the transformation of matter and energy, and the survival of the predator.
In the art work of Marina Fages, stories are told that take place in fantastic worlds. To do this, he takes resources from painting, literary genres, video games, anime, comics, cinema and music. His brush and his voice are a pendulum that runs the spectrum between the beautiful and the horrible, seeking to connect with the invisible, the magical and the wild of the universe, focusing on the destruction of natural spaces and the ideas of hero and end of the world.
She uses painting and animation to capture complex scenarios where the repetition of organic figures, multiple perspectives, reversed planes and saturated color gradients resemble computer-generated backgrounds for video games. In the sound composition she explores the contrast between soft and loud sounds, using mainly his voice, distorted strings at high volume, wind instruments, percussion, field recordings and synthesizers. She works in detail, meticulously, adding layer after layer of color or sound, forming a texture that from a distance is perceived as a whole but when focused it is made up of small gestures. @marinafages #rock #music #art #londongallery #exhibition