I’m so underground - Yellow readymade

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This piece is an unique piece.

Get more efficiency with your art with the Pure Evil Shovel, a single-piece plastic sculpture made from durable polypropylene.

This Non-Sparking art shovel is strong and lightweight at 1.2kg, making hanging and displaying it an effortless job. The shovels ergonomic D-Handle is designed to reduce existential despair. Made from UV and frost resistant plastic, the shovel is built to confuse people.

  • Features: Colour Match, Equine, Garden, Light Weight, Non-Sparking, Strong, Weather Resistant.
  • Weight: 1200g.
  • Width: 31.5cm.
  • Length: 101cm.
  • Colour: Yellow.


I like art that makes me laugh while I’m making it. Maybe it's not art, its just a visual joke, who knows. This might be a really deep piece of contemporary art talking about gentrification / the fear / society / life in general / that feeling you have that a shitstorm is about to hit or.. DUNNO. It’s up to you how you want to read it. Whatever it is, it’s not true.