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20 x 15 x 20cm
White bunny sculpture with handfinishing
Hand Cast in High Impact Resin
100 uniquely handfinished pieces


Ships worldwide in a black gift box with biodegradable EPE lasercut protective foam. The box lid is hand signed in Silver KRINK and can be displayed separately as a black card canvas. 2 pieces of artwork in one.


The Work
Pure Evil has employed the usual suspects of contemporary street art media, and then some: spray paint, pastels, glow in the dark and phosphorous paint,
acrylics, neon, steel, stencils, tempera paint and markers, as well as various methods of screen printing. They all played a role in developing his art, and
yielded the following best-known works.

Bunny Tag
The rabbit reject with the Count Dracula overbite is the artist’s calling card. Pure Evil claims it simply showed up one day in his sketchbook along with the street
artist moniker. It became the Alpha, and the other creatures in the sketchbook were wiped out.

Ethos and Principles
Pure Evil has been forced to put his mouth where his art is, and vice versa. It’s true; he’s had little to say in the way of explaining specific works. But as a world
famous artist and a gallery owner, he has offered many principles on the work of the artist, as well as guidelines for potential exhibitors.

These are eight points derived from the artist’s website that sum up his overall approach to artists and art-making, in his trademark tongue-in-cheek style:
• We are opposed to seeing artists as a commodity
• No conceptual artists or poseurs
• No curators allowed in the building they will be shot on sight
• Principles before Profit
• Wear your Politics proudly
• We are an Alternative Ideological Force
• The Gallery should be a Mecca for Independent artists
• We need to have the feeling of exhilaration from meeting an artist and seeing their work.

Pure Evil has spoken on several occasions regarding success and the idea of selling out. Regarding the latter, he claims to have given the notion a great deal of
thought and then rudely dismissed it. As to the former, he said this to a BBC interviewer:
“The secret of my success,” Pure Evil told the BBC “is that I’m always questioning everything I’m doing. I’m never comfortable. I’m never going to sit back and go,
‘Yeah, that was great.'”

Several times Pure Evil has laid great claims to the richest of ancestry, including kings, European families, and eight saints. Most ironic among the list is that of
Sir Thomas More, who served as Lord Chancellor to King Henry VIII (and was later decapitated at the hands of the King). Sir Thomas coined the word, “Utopia,”
the antithesis to the dystopian subject matter of Pure Evil’s social-political artwork.
“I think to be a successful artist you have to choose between being a popular artist or a good artist. I think being a popular artist is giving people what they want.
And being a good artist is giving people what they need.”