Handfinished Art Car Boot Fair 2021 print - Blondie sator square

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1 Colour Screen Print with handfinishing taken from the  Sold out edition of art car boot fair 2021 prints ! 

35 x 50cm

Hand screenprinted by Pure Evil on the new 6 station screenprinting carousel

Signed 1/1

The Sator Square is a two-dimensional word square containing a five-word Latin palindrome. It features in early Christian as well as in magical contexts. The earliest example of the square dates from the ruins of Pompeii, which some scholars attribute to pre-Christian origins, such as Jewish or Mithraic.



(nominative or vocative noun) (from serere=to sow) sower, planter, founder, progenitor (usually divine); originator; literally “seeder”.
unknown, likely a proper name, either invented or, perhaps, of Egyptian origin, e.g. coded form of the name Harpocrates or Hor-Hap.
(verb) (from tenere=to hold) he/she/it holds, keeps, comprehends, possesses, masters, preserves, sustains.
(nominative, ablative or accusative noun) work, care, aid, labour, service, effort/trouble; (from opus): (nominative, accusative or vocative noun) works, deeds; (ablative) with effort.
(rotās, accusative plural of rota) wheels; (verb) you (singular) turn or cause to rotate.