Crossie - La Belle Epoque series stencil on antique book pages (unframed)

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Series: Belle Epoque on antique book pages

Stencil spray paint and sparkle

La Belle Époque or "Beautiful Epoch" is a period of French, Belgian and European history, usually considered to begin around 1871–1880 and to end with the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Occurring during the era of the Third French Republic, it was a period characterised by optimism, regional peace, economic prosperity, colonial expansion, and technological, scientific, and cultural innovations. In this era of France's cultural and artistic climate (particularly within Paris), the arts markedly flourished, and numerous masterpieces of literature, music, theatre, and visual art gained extensive recognition.  

Lisa Uzzell Edwards a.k.a ‘Crossie’ is a fine artist working and living in the leafy English countryside . She has exhibited her works in London, Copenhagen, Cologne, Amsterdam, Vienna and in her former hometown of Brighton.

Crossie’s works have fast become part of private art collections across Europe. Crossie’s artwork was selected and exhibited in Vienna and her brightly coloured images were hung within the impressive vaults of a 600 year old Viennese church.

 Crossie’s debut one-woman show at Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch ran from 5th April until 18th April 2012.

“I’m currently in a continual flow of representing winged creatures of all kinds. I make no apologies for a particular obsession with butterflies, exploring them both as an iconic symbol and for their exquisitely fleeting natural fragility."