Nitrous Oxide Balloon - Black


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100 x 100cm x 3.6cm
Stencil spray paint on canvas
Unique colourway
Every Sunday and Monday morning when I walk into Shoreditch these jolly balloons greet me on my way to the gallery usually accompanied with a scattering of the actual Nitrous canisters used to get a brief high on a night out 'partying'..
I think they are quite iconic and also a nice little nod to the Acid House smiley and rave culture . I also thought it would probably be a challenging stencil to cut, and I like a challenge. 
Our premium quality stretched Deep Edge Canvas is made from 100% cotton, and is acid free.

Each canvas has a natural white coating and is triple primed, with a weight of 350gsm. It's specially primed to protect the natural fibres of the
cotton, from thin paint washes to thick impasto marks.

The canvas is stretched over a sturdy firwood frame. The 3.6cm depth makes for stunning wall displays.

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