Brian Jones and the Bunnies - Detourned Winnie the Pooh in frame

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bunny tags on glass over tagged print in wooden frame 
This used to be a well loved Winnie the Pooh framed picture but it ain’t anymore
30 x 38cm
Signed on verso
from 2012 :

‘The home where Winnie-the-Pooh was written and Rolling Stone Brian Jones died is up for sale.

The grade II listed Cotchford Farm, near Hartfield, is on the market at £2 million.

In 1925 author A A Milne bought the property as a country retreat for himself, his wife and his son, Christopher Robin.

It was in the timber beamed cottage where the likes of Pooh Bear and Tigger were dreamt up.

Some 40 years later the house had another famous owner in Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones, who was murdered there in 1969.’