Audrey Hepburn Handfinished- The 80’s called they want their graffiti back

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1 Colour Screen Print with handfinishing taken from the  Sold out edition of art car boot fair 2020 prints 

Hand screenprinted by Pure Evil on our new 6 station screenprinting carousel

Signed 1/1

The source of this phrase is : "Take it from the champs, graffiti is for chumps"
Featuring Hector Camacho and Alex Ramos as spokesmen against graffiti
"Make Your Mark in Society. Not on Society." - campaign of the Mayor's Task Force on Graffiti, Chairman Willard Butcher, Mayor Edward I. Koch, Deputy Mayor Karen Gerard. This image is not included but added here as reference.

Another source referenced is the ‘GATOR’ skateboard.