Amy Winehouse HANDFINISHED - She comes in colours - in custom painted frame

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4 colour screenprint with Handfinishing



330gsm Fedrigoni paper

70 x 85cm

Love this interview with Amy at 20 years old, so fresh and funny.

What a mission this was, I spent half an hour trying all my pink pens and none of them worked so I went to Hobbycraft and then on the way back on a tiny country lane my windscreen wipers stopped working and then I pulled out of the way of another car and got stuck in on a ditch and then three guys separately with trucks who are all friends helped me with a tow rope and got me off the ditch.. plus a Karen drove past and went


“well if you let people go past you, you wouldn’t be in this predicament.. “

WRONG ! If I hadnt moved out of the way for other people and instead waited for them to go backwards, I wouldn’t have got stuck on the ditch in the first place. Sorted it though and it looks SUPER