Bastardised Buffet - Krink on thrift store Bernard Buffet framed artwork

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The second in a series of Bernard Buffet pieces I have bastardised.. 

I like the darkness of the boat image, and the fact that it’s by ‘miserablist artist’ Bernard Buffett is kind of interesting. Some people like his stuff. Some people hate his stuff, but he is interesting. He was one of the first commercial artists to do mass market print releases... I think he was also Pierre Bergé’s boyfriend..In 1958, Bergé left Buffet for Yves Saint Laurent.

By the end of the 1950s the public and art community turned strongly against him due to changing artistic tastes, Buffet's lavish lifestyle, and his extremely prolific output. Picasso also hated his art. His sad clown paintings are horrendous but in 2015 Christie's auction house in London sold Buffet's Les Clowns Musiciens, le Saxophoniste (1991) for £1,022,500, which set the record for the highest-selling work Buffet.

KRINK on found artwork

59 x 77 cm

Signed on the back with a ‘protected by heat sealed plastic surface’ label