Evel Knievel at Wembley May 26 1975 - framed

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Screenprint on completely distressed metallic paper with lasercut. This paper has had many painful injuries

102 x 72cm

Frame 120 x 90cm

Evel Knievel's crash at Wembley Stadium occurred on May 26, 1975, during one of his famous motorcycle jump stunts. Knievel attempted to jump 13 double-decker buses on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Unfortunately, he did not make a successful landing and crashed on the last bus.

The crash resulted in several injuries for Knievel, including a crushed pelvis and multiple fractures. Despite the painful injuries, Knievel was determined to continue his career as a daredevil after recovering.

This crash at Wembley Stadium was one of the most well-known incidents in Evel Knievel's career and added to his reputation as a fearless stuntman. He continued to perform daring jumps and stunts until his retirement.