Vivien Leigh - Vintage Vegas in custom frame

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1 Colour Screen Print with handfinishing with decked edge. The print was cropped and torn to fit the frame and is taken from the Sold out edition of art car boot fair 2020 prints. 

This float mounted in a sprayed and handpainted wooden frame with a purple edge and purple tags... the glass has been removed from it , I think it looks better for this piece..

It’s a completely unique piece.

14” x 14” x 2”

Hand screenprinted by Pure Evil on our new 6 station screenprinting carousel

Signed 1/1

I travelled with my buddy Darkhorse from Denver Colorado to Oakland California on a picking trip and picked this up somewhere on the way I think it might have been Albuquerque.

When we arrived in Las Vegas I visited a wicked antique shop called Vintage Vegas and then shortly afterwards we parked in the car park of the pawnshop that makes the ‘pawn stars’ TV show, and I took this sign in there just for fun, and they rejected it for valuation because it wasn’t in pristine condition, saying it was too rusty.. but I think there is beauty in rust.