Pure Evil Skateboard - My Milan Set up

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Pure Evil Skateboard Company established 2016

81 x 21cm

The first time I came to Milan was in 1990 it was a fashion trip for college but I brought my skateboard and spent a lot of time in eating watermelon and hanging out with local skateboarders. It was really hot.

I’m back here in 2022 for my first solo show in Milan at Wunderkammern gallery and I thought it would be nice to have a skateboard again so I set this up the first night I got here so I could roll around Milan.

I’ve just come back from a fantastic evening rolling blissfully along the marble floor of the Piazza around the Duomo Cathedral which I remember last time in 1990 was full of Holland football supporters wearing orange wigs because it was of course the Italia 90 World Cup at the time.

I’m going to skate this board all week and then it’ll go into the exhibition for sale. It’s going to stay in Milan.

These decks are made using only the finest, 100% 7 ply Canadian Maple. The mellow Canadian seasons mean the wood is hard and dense which makes the best skateboard decks in the world.

7 Ply Canadian maple skateboard deck
Medium concave pro style..

These are all 1/1 skateboard decks that are attacked with stencil spray paint and freehand tags using KRINK , POSCA and various drippy Ink mops. Each one is an unique piece made by Pure Evil.