Pure Evil Bunny Tag Canvas - Fiver

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This is a spray paint bunny Tag on canvas  ...

60 x 60cm primed canvas 

Pure Evil’s tag of a vampire bunny rabbit was borne from the artist's feeling of remorse after shooting a rabbit in the countryside as a youth. It’s a simple character and has recently popped up in Mexico City, Mongolia, Rome, Paris and Sri Lanka.

Having Pure Evil as a nickname is a bit of a joke, Charley confesses, but it's a license to have fun with dark imagery. It reflects the darkness that's in the world right now. You can't just ignore it and do a nice picture of a unicorn. Unless it's a unicorn with a rocket launcher on its head.

FIVER : Hazel's younger brother; his Lapine name is Hrairoo, which means "Little-thousand". He is a seer, and his visions of the destruction of the Sandleford warren compel him to leave, along with his brother Hazel and several other rabbits. His visions guide his considerable wisdom, such as when he realizes the true danger of the snared warren, which wins him the respect of his fellows who come to accept his counsel without question. Later, when Hazel is wounded by a gunshot in a raid on a human farm's rabbit hutch, Fiver has a vision that enables him to save his brother. He also gives Hazel a vision that inspires Hazel to set up the release of the Nuthanger Farm dog to save the Watership Down warren from General Woundwort. In the TV series, Fiver's visions come in rhymes, and he often feels responsible for foreseeing terrible things, blaming himself for their outcome.