Pure Evil Bunny Tag Canvas - Bluebell

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This is a spray paint bunny Tag on canvas  ...

60 x 60cm primed canvas 

Pure Evil’s tag of a vampire bunny rabbit was borne from the artist's feeling of remorse after shooting a rabbit in the countryside as a youth. It’s a simple character and has recently popped up in Mexico City, Mongolia, Rome, Paris and Sri Lanka.

Having Pure Evil as a nickname is a bit of a joke, Charley confesses, but it's a license to have fun with dark imagery. It reflects the darkness that's in the world right now. You can't just ignore it and do a nice picture of a unicorn. Unless it's a unicorn with a rocket launcher on its head.

  • Bluebell: The only rabbit besides Holly to survive destruction of the Sandleford Warren and reach Watership Down. Bluebell is a compulsive joker whose chattering has often kept the others running, for good or for ill, when physical exertion takes its toll. Holly notes that, after barely surviving the destruction of the Sandleford Warren, he could not have completed his journey to rejoin Hazel's group without Bluebell's constant joking, and is quite attached to Bluebell. When Holly tells the tale of their escape, it is Bluebell who provides the account describing the terrifying effects of the gas on the rabbits underground, and of how he and Pimpernel aided one another to escape. He is the only rabbit in the book apart from Dandelion to tell a story of El-ahrairah.