Mel Ferrer's Nightmare - Simpsons hair


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Mel Ferrer's Nightmare - Simpsons hair
Mel Ferrer's Nightmare - Simpsons hair
100 x 100 cm x 4cm
Multilayered Laser Cut Perspex and spray paint
Perspex tray

Hangs flush against the wall using a 'split baton' system.

The static created by removing the protective film from the Perspex was used with spray paint to create a chaotic textured pattern on the silver hair and glitter spray was used over the skin tones to add a nice sparkle

Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, Mike Todd, were among the highest profile stars in Hollywood. By most accounts, Elizabeth was deeply in love with Todd. He was a brash, Chicago streets educated Oscar winning producer.

However, Todd tragically died in a plane crash, devastating Taylor. The private plane carrying Todd crashed in New Mexico in 1958 after suffering engine failure; news reports at the time said that Taylor was supposed to be on the flight but had a cold, and Todd would not let her come along.

In fact, Debbie Reynolds rushed to Taylor’s home after Todd died to help care for her children, and found her screaming and distraught, said the Hollywood reporter. Some argue that Todd was Taylor’s truest love, and say she never recovered completely from his death.

Eventually, a devastated Taylor leaned on the shoulder of her friend, Eddie Fisher, and it led to more. Reynolds said Taylor “liked [Eddie] enough to take him without an invitation,” and Taylor married him a year after Todd died, said People.

Mel Ferrer's Nightmare - Simpsons hair
Mel Ferrer's Nightmare - Simpsons hair

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