Handfinished print - Winona Ryder Vampire Hunter

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Handfinished in Social Isolation 2020

13 x 16 inches 

1 Colour Screen Prints with handfinishing

Signed 1/1

Winona Ryder is Timothy Leary’s goddaughter and I stayed at his house and slept in her bed. She wasn’t there at the time.

There are a lot of screwball theories about this COVID-19 business so I’m starting my own completely wacky one. I believe Winona Ryder is probably behind it all. Hear me out.  

It started off and everyone had to stay at home and then suddenly she’s got adverts on TV for a website builder program. Coincidence ? I don’t think so I think she had a hand in the social isolation COVID-19 thing. I am not saying she has a legion of killer bats at her disposal, but this artwork is pretty convincing.