Handfinished Marilyn Classic - Abstract Face

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3 colour screenprint with KRINK Handfinishing

1/1 special colourway

330gsm Fedrigoni paper

70 x 85cm

Ths image of Marilyn is taken from a publicity photo for the film Niagara, an American 1953 film noir thriller film directed by Henry Hathaway.

When I go out, I take pills to take the edge off
For to just take a chillax, man, forget about it
Just a certified badass out for a night on the town
Ain't it oh-exciting, the way one can fake their way through life
Hey, but that's neither here nor there
In a way how could one ever prove you're just putting them all on

That's life, tho
Almost hate to say
That's life, tho
In every brutal way

From Hoist Point I hang glide into the Valley of Ashes
Just as Powderhead has long been burned to the ground
Yeah with fire, with fire
A chosen one just leveled the farm
I guess hell has finally frozen over
I wanna run into the rolling hills along some mid-western highway
But there are scorpions out there
There was a man who touched the lives of many
And when he died he left so many people cryin'

That's life, tho
So sad, so true
That's life, tho
So sad to say