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Handfinished 4 colour screenprint 

Signed 1/1

330gsm Fedrigoni paper

70 x 78cm

In the fifth feature film of her young career, the 12-year old Taylor starred as the titular Velvet Brown, a passionate little girl intent on breeding a prize-winning racehorse. The film won two Oscars, including Best Editing and Supporting Actress (Anne Revere). The film follows Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney), a wayward vagabond whose lengthy travels through England leads him to the doorstep of the Brown family. Mi immediately befriends the Browns' youngest daughter, Velvet, and vows to help her groom a newly obtained racehorse named Pie to national prominence.

This image of Elizabeth Taylor is originally taken from a publicity photograph for Taylor’s film ‘Butterfield 8’ as the basis for the screenprint.

"There used to be a game, a joke, where you asked people to write the sign that should hang over your head or your life or something. And Roddy [McDowall] and Tennessee said that mine should read 'All Hungers Met,' because if there was a hunger for anything, I probably possessed it, and in my house, my company, you'd meet people who were hungry for just about everything. And I feed everyone, as you know. So pull up a chair, a plate, and an obsession. You're with me."

Elizabeth Taylor-Interview with James Grissom