Handfinished ACBF print 2023 - Double Marilyn - I’m Pure. I’m Evil.

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Handfinished 2023

35 x 50cm

1 Colour Screen Print with ink pen handfinishing

Signed 1/1

Receiving a spam email from a Chinese "copy village" unexpectedly sparked the inspiration for the "Nightmare Series." This email, contained an extensive catalog of tiny thumbnails of paintings by artists they could replicate, including three iconic Andy Warhol paintings. 

Warhol's entire artistic legacy had been simplified into three diminutive 64x64 pixel thumbnails, portraying Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor, and an Electric Chair. This served as the profound inspiration for these melancholic celebrity portraits. 

The tears in these artworks symbolize a poignant representation of the heartbreak and sorrow we all encounter in our lives.

One day, I decided to ask an Artificial Intelligence if it could make me a list of 100 actresses to add to my 'nightmare series' portraits. Its response included a wide array of famous actresses, a collection that ranged from classic Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to contemporary stars such as Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone.