Crossie - Lacewing - Blue Butterfly on canvas

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Long canvas in blue with paint drip detail and glitter embellishment.

50 x 19.5cm x 3cm deep


Lisa Uzzell Edwards a.k.a ‘Crossie’ is a fine artist working and living in the English Countryside. She has exhibited her works in London, Copenhagen, Cologne, Amsterdam, Vienna and in her former hometown of Brighton.

Crossie has recently re-located to the countryside to focus solely on her development as an artist, her works fast becoming part of private art collections across Europe. Crossie’s artwork was exhibited in Vienna . Her brightly coloured images were hung within the impressive vaults of a 600 year old Viennese church.

Metamorphosis, Crossie’s debut one-woman show at Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch ran from 5th April until 18th April 2012.

“I’m currently in a continual flow of representing winged creatures of all kinds. I make no apologies for a particular obsession with butterflies, exploring them both as an iconic symbol and for their exquisitely fleeting natural fragility."