Chairman Mickey Mao - Target Canvas


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Chairman Mickey Mao - Target Canvas
Chairman Mickey Mao - Target Canvas
100 x 100 x 2cm
Stencil spray paint on circular canvas
Unique artwork

We've all been there. It's late, you're high as shit, you’re back at home and you're spooked by one of your works of art – an Andy Warhol screen print of a smiling, smug Chairman Mao – so you pick up a gun and shoot it. One as a warning, the next through his eye.

In truth, only the late actor Dennis Hopper was there and it was the 1970s, a time when he was taking drugs in order to sober up quicker so he could start drinking again. Certainly his friend Warhol didn't mind, cheerfully annotating the two bullet holes.

Pure Evil explains that a chance email from a Chinese “copy village” gave impetus to his “Nightmare Series.” The village offered, via email, a list of artists it could reproduce, including three Andy Warhol paintings. The idea of Warhol’s entire artistic output distilled right down to three small 64 x64 pixel thumbnails of Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor and an Electric Chair became the inspiration for these doomed and dripping celebrity portraits. Why are they crying ? “Its an illustration of the heartbreak and sadness we have all experienced in relationships in the past.”
Mao was a dick.
Chairman Mickey Mao - Target Canvas
Chairman Mickey Mao - Target Canvas

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