Richard Burton’s Nightmare - Mega Canvas red


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Stencil spray paint and synthetic polymer paint canvas
150 x 150 x 4cm
Signed on the back
One of a new post pandemic series of paintings from my new warehouse studio. It’s a completely unique piece... I spray-painted the background and then handpainted the hair and face with black paint .. 
The canvas will be sent rolled to save money on shipping for you , or we can send it stretched to you either by courier or Internationally we can send it crated. Just let us know how you roll, or not. We figure most framers in most towns know how to stretch a canvas.
Dennis Hopper on Marilyn..
"I think it's important to note that when I was studying at the Actors Studio, and I was the lowest of the low, a nothing, the new kid, not even acknowledged by Lee Strasberg, it was Marilyn who watched me work, who asked me what I was reading, and who asked me if I was working, getting jobs, meeting people. I was so stunned by her kindness and her beauty that my horn-dog tendencies were not operating, so she saw only a scared, eager kid failing badly to make a mark. Let me tell you something: I could throw away a lot of things I've picked up over the years--and I mean intentionally--so that I could keep the memory of that porcelain angel walking past me and tapping my arm in comradeship. You don't forget something--or someone--like that." --Dennis Hopper on Marilyn Monroe/Interview with James Grissom/1997/Photograph of Marilyn by Michael Ochs, from 1955/Courtesy of Corbis/

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