Pure Evil Skateboard - Palace Skateboard - LSD the exploding threat of the mind drug that got out of control


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Pure Evil Skateboard Company established 2016

81 x 21cm

These decks are made using only the finest, 100% 7 ply Canadian Maple. The mellow Canadian seasons mean the wood is hard and dense which makes the best skateboard decks in the world.

8.375 inch wide 7 Ply Canadian maple skateboard deck
Medium concave pro style.. This is a palace Skateboard that I have used daily at Oxhey and Ware skateparks and it is pretty shredded.

These are all 1/1 skateboard decks that are attacked with stencil spray paint and freehand tags using KRINK , POSCA and various drippy Ink mops. Each one is an unique piece made by Pure Evil.

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